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We have Loans and Financing Options available nationwide 

Money is available NOW for 
industry professionals just like you. 

 From short term bridge loans to longer term loans and lines of credit, learn what you may qualify for.
No Application Fee or Impact to Credit Score to Discover Options

Integrity & Transparency

We will provide high-quality service that you can trust and status updates on all completed applications.

Expertise & Experience

Our loan specialists with an average of 10 years experience have arranged more than $500 Million in funding for small businesses.

 Competitive & Resourceful 

Preferred rates from lending partners, we offer a complete suite of products to fit your lending needs.
Raising capital is critical to get through hard times and grow your business. Financing can also help cover expenses, buy new supplies and inventory and meet new protocol requirements. Unfortunately, qualifying for a bank loan can be difficult and can take months to secure. Large banks decline 75% of small business applicants.

Competitive rates and access to credit specifically for our beauty industry professionals.

Lending Options

From Term Loans to SBA and Equipment Loans, we will help you select which loan products fit you best!

Term Loan

Funds are repaid with Interest over a Fixed Period

SBA Loan

Term Loans secured by the Federal Government

Equipment Loan

Funds to purchase

Lines of Credit

Ongoing Access to funds up to Credit Limit

How It Works

Step 1

Complete simple loan application

No Application Fee or Impact to Credit Score to Discover Options.

Step 2

Submit documents if required

You may be prompted to submit bank statements or other documents for verification.

Step 3

Lender Evaluation

Expect a decision within one business day. Often a decision is provided instantly.

Step 4

Receive your funds

When approved, depending on the loan product, funds will be deposited in your business bank account, or corporate Visa Card account provided.

Ready to Get Started with (ERC)?

Adesso Capital has helped thousands of small businesses like yours secure the financial resources they need to hire new employees, invest in equipment, open new locations and expand their operations. We’re proud to partner with the Beauty Federation of California, and we’re committed to getting you the capital to help your business come back stronger than ever. This is not a commitment or guarantee of any financing. Adesso Capital is not a lender, and seeks financing options on behalf of business clients through a network of affiliated lenders. All products and services are subject to eligibility requirements and other conditions and restrictions. All terms and conditions and credit decisions are at the sole discretion of the lender. Not valid in all states. Offered for commercial uses to businesses only. Other terms, conditions, fees and restrictions may apply.