The new Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is OPEN!
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The Paycheck Protection Program is offering low-interest loans that may be fully forgiven if allocated properly. The requirements are straightforward. See below for more details.


All Beauty/Barbering & Personal Service Sectors

Barbering | Hair | Skin Care | Nails | Tattoo | Massage | Personal Fitness | Piercing & Lashes

 This new round of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans may be fully forgivable. We understand these professions have been marginalized by health regulators and ignored by politicians throughout the COVID crisis. It’s time our industry sectors receive the respect and assistance we deserve and so badly need!

The PBFC, in partnership with Adesso Capital, is accepting Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) applications for all Beauty & Personal Service sectors.

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How to Apply Guide

Who Can Apply

More than just Employers & Shop Owners are eligible:
Sole Proprietors, Independent Contractors, and Booth Renters affected by coronavirus

(COVID-19) are too!
Hair Stylists & Barbers
Massage Therapists
Skin Care Professionals
Tattoo Artists
Nail Technicians
Personal Fitness Professionals
For more information on who can apply and loan forgiveness details,
please visit SBA.GOV

What Exactly is the
Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)?

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) allows lenders to offer low-interest loans that may be fully forgiven. 

The requirements are straightforward.
(i) You must have been in operation on February 15, 2020, (ii) your business must have been harmed by the COVID-19 pandemic and (iii) you must submit the required documentation along with your loan application.

The Professional Beauty Federation of California (PBFC) led the fight in the state with the most prolonged shutdowns, including successfully suing their Governor to force reopening. For more information on the PBFC and it's efforts thus far, visit:

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The following products offered on this website are arranged by Adesso and Premier Business Services, LLC in cooperation with the Professional Beauty Federation of California (PBFC). Additional financing options may be available and presented if the applicant does not qualify for a financing option created for PBFC.  Such alternative products may include a Merchant Cash Advance, Invoice Financing, and Consumer Loans.  Products are subject to lender approval and may require the issuance of a Corporate Visa Card to deliver the approved amount or to facilitate payments. All loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law License, 60DBO-106199.