Additional COVID relief funds are available now

Up to $26,000 for each employee,

and access to funds within 72 hours.

Money is also available for independent contractors

We'll help you determine how much you're entitled to receive
and do all the necessary paperwork.
The Professional Beauty Federation has helped 10,000+ beauty professionals receive over $25 million in COVID PPP relief. If you have employees, don’t miss out on this new opportunity for the Payroll Protection Refund (PPR), especially if you received a PPP. The eligibility requirements can be confusing but the amount of potential funds is substantial! Our successful experience with PPP gives us the credibility, experience and expertise to maximize your PPR. 

Eligible employee-based beauty businesses are still able to take advantage of the PPR against applicable employment taxes and qualified wages paid to their employees through September 30, 2021. For each quarter in 2021, if your beauty business was under some COVID order (such as mask mandates), or if revenue dropped by more than 20 percent compared to the same quarter in 2019 or the immediately preceding quarter, you probably qualify for a refund. 

Apply before the deadline to claim your refund.

Myths/Misinformation about PPR

* PPP recipients are ineligible for PPR … 
* Need to show 50% revenue reduction …
* Need to document each employee worked at least 30 hours/week …
*My tax accountant/bookkeeper would inform me about this program if I qualified ...
(According to a recent summary of CPA-prepared filings, 75% did not apply for PPR despite being eligible)

These myths are based on the first version of the law, which Congress has updated and expanded twice in the past year, and of which all too many CPAs and payroll companies are not aware.

Why Beauty Federation and Adesso?

Once again, the Beauty Federation has partnered with Adesso Capital, whose financial and tax experts specialize in the Payroll Protection Refund. We are the trusted leaders in working with business owners in every professional beauty category to help them claim this lucrative tax break before each quarterly deadline. We will simplify the application processes for our beauty and barbering employers. Adesso Capital's team of professionals has the experience and specialized expertise to handle the entire PPR filing process for you.


All program details, including fees that will only attach after we can assure you're eligible for the credit, are reviewed in detail and provided to you in writing before you authorize us to work for you.


Best-in-class platform and consulting expertise to determine eligibility and ensure compliance with the IRS audit standards.


We’ll work to get the maximum credit for which your business is eligible, and will represent you throughout the entire process.

The Payroll Protection Refund

is designed to reward you for maintaining employees during the recent pandemic-related business downturn.

Call the PBFC’s lead partner, Adesso Capital, for a free consultation.
Monday-Friday 6am - 5pm PT

How It Works

There are just a few quick and easy steps to complete so we can expedite the funding process—so let’s get started.

Step 1

Speak with one of Adesso’s PPR professionals

Call us at 1-888-895-0155, or complete the contact form and we’ll call you.

Step 2

Authorize Adesso to file on behalf of your company

We’ll send you an electronic authorization and agreement via HelloSign.

Step 3

Provide the necessary documents

You supply the information (e.g. payroll, PPP information) and we’ll handle the rest.

Step 4

Adesso calculates your PPR and files on your behalf

Our professionals will complete the necessary documentation, calculate the PPR for each eligible quarter retroactive to 2020 and through the end of 2021, and file amended 941s reflecting your qualified credit.

Step 5

You receive your credit!

Most barbering/beauty employers receive funds back from the IRS within 12-16 weeks.

Let us help you upgrade your beauty business with low-interest loans 

 Whether you qualify for and receive PPR refunds, the Professional Beauty Federation and its financial partners are pleased to announce a new program to offer small loans, from a few thousand dollars to $50,000 or more. 

Are you looking to upgrade your salon or salon suite? Do you need a new barber chair or two? Does your spa need new equipment to offer additional skincare services? Now is the time to scale up and invest in capital necessary to grow your beauty business to new heights. Our partners offer the most competitive rates in low-interest business loans.
Monday-Friday 6am - 5pm PT

Ready to Apply for PPR?

We make the loan process easy. Let us help you select the best option.
The following products offered on this website are arranged by Adesso and Premier Business Services, LLC in cooperation with the Professional Beauty Federation of California (PBFC). Additional financing options may be available and presented if the applicant does not qualify for a financing option created for PBFC.  Such alternative products may include a Merchant Cash Advance, Invoice Financing, and Consumer Loans.  Products are subject to lender approval and may require the issuance of a Corporate Visa Card to deliver the approved amount or to facilitate payments. All loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law License, 60DBO-106199.